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Weekdays 6pm-12am

Tom Kent Music Magazine
Step into the exhilarating world of music with Tom Kent’s Music Magazine, a six-hour program designed to offer our listeners a unique and thrilling experience every single hour of each weekday night! Each hour brings a fresh wave of musical excitement, making it the perfect companion for your nightly endeavors.
  • 6p – What’s The World Coming To?
    • Dive into today’s most entertaining stories complemented with a mix of interactive, listener-driven humor, all with a taste of Tom’s characteristic charm, making your evenings more lively and amusing!
  • 7p – My 70’s Show
    • The ‘70s at 7! Journey back to the era of Afros, bell-bottoms, and unforgettable pop music with artists like Elton John, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac. Experience the nostalgia with stories from Tom and catch up with the artists that defined a decade.
  • 8p – Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80’s
    • Celebrating the vibrant and diverse music of the ‘80s! Enjoy iconic tunes from artists like Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Queen, and more. Every song will transport you back to this colorful decade, radiating a sense of familiarity and amusement.
  • 9p – It’s Totally 90s Now
    • Rediscover the decade of the Gulf War, Bill Clinton, and musical gems from Third Eye Blind, En Vogue, and Sheryl Crow. This trip down the ‘90s lane brings all the nostalgia and hits, making your evenings totally awesome!
  • 10p – The Classic Hits Countdown
    • Join Tom as he counts down timeless tunes based on varying themes each week! From summer hits to the debut songs of renowned artists, this countdown is a fun, personality-driven musical journey from number 40 to number FUN!
  • 11p – Diva Diner w/ Jackie Newton
    • Meet the divas of contemporary pop music with host Jackie Newton. From Taylor Swift to Adele, enjoy the musical masterpieces of the most iconic female artists in the industry, all brought to you with Jackie’s vibrant personality and charm!
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