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10am – 6pm

The sun is high, and the vibes are just right here in Big Spring! Journey through the realms of music with us from 10 am to 6 pm with The Greatest Hits of All Time and let the rhythmic beats of The Rolling Stones, the revolutionary sounds of The Beatles, and the iconic tunes of Queen transport you to a world where music is timeless. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the road, let the legendary sounds be the backdrop to your day! KBYG is the sanctuary of classic rhythms and rock sagas so tune into 106.3 Rewind for the classic hits and rock anthems broadcasting from the heart of Big Spring that will resonate with your spirit, making every moment unforgettable.

12am – 6am

Dive into the night with 106.3 Rewind for The Greatest of All Time! We’re your late-night companions, delivering a seamless journey through timeless classics from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, tune in for a musical experience that echoes through the ages, making every moment under the stars a cherished memory!


12m – 6am

Welcome the weekend with 106.3 Rewind as we spin The Greatest of All Time crafting a symphony of classics to color your Saturday nights. Whether you’re starting your weekend festivities or winding down, tune in and let the music of the maestros be the timeless soundtrack to your nocturnal adventures!

8am – 11am , 1pm – 12m

Unwind with 106.3 Rewind as we play The Greatest of All Time featuring classic hits that stand the test of time. From rock legends to pop icons, immerse yourself in the timeless tunes that have shaped generations. Whether you’re reliving cherished memories or discovering these hits for the first time, this is your ticket to musical greatness!


12m – 6am

Sway to the timeless tunes of yesteryear on 106.3 Rewind, as we bring you The Greatest of All Time every Sunday from 12 midnight to 6 am. Dive into a musical journey spanning genres and decades, featuring the iconic voices and rhythmic beats that have captivated hearts worldwide. Whether you’re a twilight music lover or an early riser, tune in to relish the classic hits that never fade!

12pm – 6pm

Relax with 106.3 Rewind as we play The Greatest of All Time. Dive into a musical journey through decades, rediscovering timeless classics and hidden gems.

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