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Fatal Two-Vehicle Crash

A fatal two-vehicle crash occurred in Scurry County on Thursday, prompting Texas DPS Troopers to respond to the scene along US Hwy 84. Preliminary investigations revealed that the crash happened when a driver failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming vehicle.

Colton Shane Guynes, from Snyder, TX, was driving a passenger car west on Ennis Creek Road towards US 84. He entered US 84, crossing the northbound lanes into the center crossover and then into the southbound lanes, failing to yield to an oncoming pickup truck. The truck struck Guynes’ car on its right side.

Guynes was taken to University Medical Center Hospital in Lubbock with incapacitating injuries, while his passenger Victoria Ann Salinas, also from Snyder, Texas, was transported to UMC Hospital and later pronounced dead.

The pickup driver, Eric Morin, from Snyder, was also taken to UMC Hospital with incapacitating injuries, and his 13-year-old passenger from Snyder was transported to Cogdell Memorial Hospital with non-incapacitating injuries, later treated and released.

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