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The Coahoma High School Powerlifting team kicked off their season with an impressive display at the Big Spring Invitational meet on Saturday. CHS powerlifters Nevaeh Kerby, Macayla Valencia, and Tres Vasquez showcased outstanding performances at their inaugural meet of the year. Kerby, a two-time state qualifier, secured a gold medal in the 97 weight class. Her accomplishments included a squat of 215, a bench press of 110, and a deadlift of 215, totaling an impressive 540 pounds of lifted iron.

Valencia secured the second spot in the 114 weight class with a total of 545 pounds—220 on squat, 100 on bench, and 225 on deadlift. Vasquez earned bronze in the 132 weight class with a total of 980 pounds, showcasing a squat of 365, a bench press of 225, and a deadlift of 390. On Saturday, January 13, the Coahoma powerlifting team heads to Colorado City for the Colorado Invitational meet.

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