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106.3 Rewind & KBYG News

The pulse of Howard County’s classic hits and rock, is not just another radio station; it’s a dynamic hub for music lovers. Our audience relies on us to bring them a perfect blend of classic hits and rock music, while keeping them informed with the latest news.

Join Our Dynamic Community!

We now extend an invitation for you to join our vibrant community. As our advertiser, you’ll have access to a range of promotional opportunities that extend well beyond traditional radio broadcasting. We provide diverse channels including Out-of-Home, Digital, and Social Media platforms to effectively broadcast your message

Elevate Your Brand

Our listeners are engaged and enthusiastic, forming a community that actively supports businesses aligning with us. By partnering with 106.3 Rewind & KBYG News, you’re not just choosing an advertising medium; you’re selecting a powerful ally in your business growth. We help create meaningful connections, ensuring your brand resonates with a dedicated and passionate audience.

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